The fabric of busy environments is often subjected to extensive wear and tear, resulting in unsightly impact damage.

Incorporating wall protection products is a key design factor, ensuring longevity of a building’s interior whilst helping to reduce maintenance costs and the need for repairs and redecoration.

Absolute Interiors Group Ltd fundamental principles are synonymous with building interior wall protection, offering flexibility for designers and real-world savings for building owners and operators.

Working with leading manufacturers whose products are renowned for their durability and wide range of uses that protects interior walls, doors, and corners against damage from pedestrian and wheeled traffic which include:

  • Hand / Crash rails – A range of combined hand/crash rails offering pedestrian support and severe duty impact protection. Available in contrasting colours for easy visual contrast.
  • Corner Guards – A collection of high-performance corner guards for walls, available in a wide range of colours and materials: p.v.c, Stainless Steel and Rubber.
  • Bed Head Protection – A range of Bed Head Protectors designed to protect walls from damage at bed head locations. Stand-off brackets available to protect equipment rails.
  • Sheet and Panels – Market leading ranges of wall protection sheets are suitable for a wide range of applications including walls, doors, and other surfaces.

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