Resin floors are ideal for anywhere that needs a hygienic floor surface. Schools, hospitals, kitchens and food factories can make great use of resin flooring, the seamless surface stops dirt from being trapped allowing for easy cleaning and even steam cleaning, keeping the surface looking and working like new, this in turn stops bacteria from being able to grow, which is essential in high care environments.

Due to the great design flexibility, we can alter the resin floor mix to include aggregates to create a high degree of slip resistance, designed for wet environments such as swimming pools, kitchens and workshops. The degree of slip resistance can be altered to suit the area, ranging from very fine aggregates to a tough, course, anti-slip finish.

Resin floors come in an almost unlimited range of designs and finishes, from decorative flakes, quartz stone and natural resin bound gravel, to Epoxy coatings and hygienic Polyurethane Screeds. This means that you can be quite flexible when it comes to looking at the design and colour of your floor, and you have the choice of many different styles and additives, allowing you to tailor your floor to the look and finish that you want.

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